Cumbria Home Improvements

For Cumbria homeowners there four different types of home improvement projects which can be undertaken to improve the value of their home, these four types of projects are typically known as Basic, Curb Appeal, Best Bang For Your Buck and Passion projects. All projects vary in how much they return on investment and will be explored in greater detail on our service pages.

Home Improvement Overview:

When thinking of selling your home either in the short or distance future it is always worth Cumbria homeowners looking at ways in they can improve the value of their home and improve their chances of selling it. Renovating your home is often an iterative process which can take years and even decades to complete. If you are unsure about the factors and features local home buyers in Cumbria are looking for in a property you should consult a local estate agent who will be able to shed some light on the things they are looking for. Doing this will enable you to make better strategic decisions on what types of home renovation projects are the most cost effective and more likely to get you a better return on your investment.


People in Cumbria looking to improve their homes are most likely to redecorate. Redecorating is one of the most common home improvement projects as Cumbria homeowners can do a lot of work at very low costs. The most attractive colours you should paint the walls in your property are neutral colours as they can make your home look fresh and modern. While neutral colours have the ability to make living spaces appear larger they are also considered a safer choice of colour as warm and cool shades can convey both positive and negative emotions in potential property buyers. Darker tones may create an impressive look for your home. Black is associated with elegance, sophistication and formality. Black can enhance your design by adding depth and a sense of grounding. Although it is a good accent colour to invoke these emotions, too much black can cause depression and mood swings. If you have a small space, black can make the room seem smaller and should be avoided.

Fix Electrical Defects

Although they are unlikely to become the selling point for a home, minor problems or defects could make it appear that the house is not being maintained well. You should not ignore bigger issues such as damage caused by dampness or potentially dangerous electrical works. Issues with the structural integrity of the home or electrical systems will likely be identified by a building appraiser or building surveyor and will have an impact on the value of your property. Our service pages will provide more information on electrical problems that can adversely affect the value of your home and cause financial difficulties between the buyer and the seller.

The first impressions are everything

The first impression is everything and your front door can tell a potential buyer a lot about your house. If you do not have the money to replace the front door, repainting it or cleaning it with a power wash can make it appear brand new. It is important to make the front of your home stand out among your neighbours by making sure everything looks new and tidy. Spend some time cleaning up your front yard when potential property buyers are visiting. Clear pathways and plant pots can help make your front more attractive, which will improve the impression you receive.

When Selling Declutter

After you have made the final decision to sell your house, it is time to start decluttering both the inside and outside of your home. Home owners should not underestimate the importance of a clean, tidy house as some potential buyers may react negatively to the sight of dust and copwebs. Pay particular attention to bathrooms and kitchens as these are rooms a potential buyer will likely inspect closely for defects. It is important to consider how much furniture you have in each room and how they impact the size of the room. You should remove any personal belongings once your home is ready to be viewed by potential buyers as personal items, such as family photographs can cause buyers to feel uncomfortable and make it difficult for them to visualize themselves living there.

On the Day Heating And Lighting Considerations

Ensure potential buyers are comfortable when they view your home by pre-set the heating on as prospective buyers would likely want proof that the central heating system works properly. A good quality lighting system is essential as it is important that your home and the rooms appear warm if it dark when a property viewer visits your property on a dark day. This can be done by placing lamps in corners and providing adequate light. While it is better to view the property in daylight, it is best for potential buyers to see the house after dark.

Garden Appeal

An attractive garden which is well kept and tidy will add value to your property. It should be used as a place for relaxation or entertaining, not just as a space. Clearing out bushes and trees that block sunlight is a must. A decking area creates the illusion of more living space. Three percent of all homes that were sold in 2019 had a summerhouse. This gives owners the opportunity to entertain and relax in brighter days.

Make a Driveway

In parts of Cumbria and the UK being able to park your vehicle next your home is luxury not every homeowner has, so if your house has enough space, adding off-street parking will increase its value.


Future Proof Your Property

Buyers are becoming more interested in smart home technology. Just advertising that there is fibre optic cable available could suffice to get them to buy. Multi-room music platforms and statement systems can make all the difference. Double glazing can also be used to retain heat and keep out noise. Hive is an example of smart technology that allows you to control heating systems from your mobile device. A home renovation can increase your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), which could result in thousands of dollars more being sold. You can hire local electricians from Cumbria to put in solar panels and electric vehicle charging stations. This has been shown to increase the value of home and you can explore this in more detail on our specialist service pages.

Modernize Your Kitchen

Many buyers make the kitchen their main focal point as many people not only in the UK but around the world consider the Kitchen to be the most important room in the house so if you only have the budget to renovate one room in your house, the kitchen would be a good choice.  It has been proven that home buyers are more likely to pay more for property with a kitchen they like or may even be the first thing they consider changing. Although you may not have the budget for a complete new kitchen, it is possible to paint cabinets or replace doors or handles. A good lighting system and clean, clutter-free surfaces can make all the difference.

New Bathrooms

Re-grouting the bathroom is a good idea as well as eliminating any lime scale build-up which could make your bathroom appear old and unhygienic. It is important the bathroom appears clean and tidy. Paint the walls in a neutral colour and install a shower curtain or standard-sized glass screen. New bathrooms were installed in 29% of the homes that sold during 2019, which could help you sell faster and get more for your property

You can add more value to your house by undertaking larger scale projects

Loft conversions, garage conversions and conservatory additions are large projects that can reap huge rewards. A staggering 22 percent of all homes that were sold in 2019 had extensions added because it is proven to increase the appeal and value of a property. Parking close to your home is a big advantage in some parts of the country. If you can add parking off the street, it will increase the value of your property. It might be worthwhile to apply for planning permission for a conversion or extension if you are unable to afford it. Although you would need to pay for the survey and the design, it will remove any doubts from the minds of potential buyers if the council approves an extension.

Certain Renovations Can Lower the Value of a Property In Cumbria

In the UK and Cumbria, swimming pools are not considered attractive features for homes. They are costly to maintain and take up much space and the unpredictable UK weather can also make them unattractive for many people. You might consider filling in the swimming pool to add more space to your garden if it is not in good condition.